The purple poppy is a symbol of remembrance for animals lost in Service but was little known until Murphy’s Army launched our Purple Poppy Campaign back in 2016. We felt that it was only right that the animals should be remembered, alongside their human counterparts, and thus our journey to inform and educate began. We remember not only the animals lost, but pay tribute to those who serve us today – working alongside our Emergency Services, in the Military, Prisons and Border Forces – keeping us safe in so many different ways.
Seven years later the purple poppy is now very well known, and Murphy’s Army are recognised as the official Ambassadors of animal remembrance in the UK – a title that we are extremely proud to have earned.
There are now many organisations, businesses and indeed individuals offering purple poppy merchandise, sadly not all for the benefit of the animals they claim to support. With MAPPC however you can be assured that monies raised will make a difference to animals in need today.
We are also extremely proud to have raised over £150,000 which has helped former Service animals in their retirement. It has also provided life-saving pet oxygen masks to Fire Services around the UK, and much welcomed cooling coats to Police, Prison, Fire and other Service dogs. And of course other animals in need have also benefitted through our network of rescue organisations.
Our 2023 campaign is now underway and the Murphy’s Army range of purple poppies, including the traditional knitted or crochet versions and our new 2023 pin badge are now available through our website and our official eBay charity listings
The 2023 beneficiaries include the National Foundation for Retired Service Animals and The Horse Trust both of whom work extremely hard to help former Service animals in their retirement
Thanks to the incredible support given by members of the public and our own unpaid volunteers we have made sure that the animals who have given their lives in service, and those who serve us today, will not be forgotten. We WILL be their voice…