“A great campaign that I’m pleased to support”


“I’m delighted to support Murphy’s Army and their Purple Poppy campaign”


“These animals are soliders too, giving their lives and saving lives in the process. I am happy and proud to support a charity that recognises the gift these animals give to us all”


Launched in 2016, Murphy’s Army Purple Poppy Campaign pays tribute to animals lost in service, and to those who serve us today.

The purple poppy has long been a symbol of remembrance for animals lost in service but until recently was much less well known than the traditional red poppy.  The aim of our Campaign is to give the purple poppy its rightful recognition, and thus ensure that the animals who served, and continue to serve, alongside their human counterparts are remembered too.

We are extremely proud that our efforts over the years have raised significant awareness of the meaning of the purple poppy, and that many more purple poppies are now being worn with pride. None of this would have happened without your wonderful support!

Over the past years you have raised over £75,000 which has been donated to  animal related  causes including K9 Heroes, The Horse Trust, Smokey Paws, Household Cavalry Foundation, Bravo Working Dog Rescue and Fireside K9. 

We are proud to have provided 100 pet oxygen masks to Fire Services across the UK, and 250 much welcomed cooling coats to Service dogs.

 Our 2021 Campaign is now underway and we hope you’ll lend your support once again to make this an even greater success.

To everyone who has lent their support thus far, thank you, and to new supporters, welcome – together we will ensure that the contributions made, and continuing to be made by the animals are not forgotten, but remembered always.



To View Our Past Beneficiaries Please Click Here

Thin Blue Paw Foundation

An honour to announce that the Thin Blue Paw Foundation are to be one of the beneficiaries of this year’s campaign.

The foundation provides much needed financial support to retired police dogs and their owners across the UK.

Many people are unaware that retired police dogs do not receive financial support in their retirement from the force they served with, meaning the responsibility for their care and vet bills fall solely to their owner (ex-handler or member of the public). Unable to get pet insurance due to their working lives, many are left with ongoing vet bills which can amount to thousands. The foundation provides that support, so these unsung canine heroes can enjoy a long and happy retirement.

For more information about this very worthy cause please visit their website


Murphy's Army

Our Campaign would not be complete without the inclusion of our very own Murphy’s Army, enabling us to continue our work helping animals in need today.

Little did he know, when stolen in 2014, what an incredible impact the now famous Murphy would have. He brought together a team of people who, despite Murphy’s safe return, pledged to help other owners whose pets were missing.  Awarded charity status in 2016, our mssiion is to help reunite pets with their owners, raise pet theft awareness and promote pet safety, welfare and care.

We are proud to have awarded over £30,000 worth of grants to assist rescues with the daily needs of animals in their care or to cover emergency veterinary bills. Your support means that our invaluable contribution can continue.

To find out more please visit our main website murphysarmy.org

Hillside Animal Sanctuary

The third and very worthy beneficiary of the 2021 Murphy’s Army Purple Poppy Campaign is Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

Hillside is home to over 4000 animals including several horses who have served with the  Metropolitan and other police forces.  They provide these brave horses with a home where they can enjoy a quiet retirement with open fields to relax and enjoy the rest of their days in the safety of the sanctuary.

Founded in 1995, Hillside provides a safe home for rescued animals, many of which had suffered neglect and abuse.

We cannot put into words how much your support and kindness means to us and our rescued animals, so we want to say a big… Thank you!”

For more information about the great work they do please visit their website



New stocks of Murphy’s Army beautiful hand made purple poppies are now on sale!  You can choose from the traditional ‘human’ version with pin back, or our specially designed animal version with Velcro fastening to attach to leads or collars.
We also have a new 2021 Murphy’s Army Purple Poppy pin badge plus an additional range of merchandise featuring the very poignant painting created for us by Dave H Remembrance Art.
Just follow the links to place your orders. Alternatively, you can make a donation, also very much appreciated.


Our sincere thanks to the following celebrities, and their beautiful pets, who have supported the Murphy’s Army Purple Poppy Campaigns to date. If you would like to join them and show your support please do get in touch.

Paul O'Grady MBE

David Essex OBE

Arlene Philips CBE

Ben Fogle

Simon Mulvey

Will Mellor

Chesney Hawkes

Katherine Dow Blyton

Andy Pelos

Billy Norman

Romeo Challenger

Rob Hewins

Ray Hatfield

Dean Loach



We are indebted to the businesses who have very kindly sponsored Murphy’s Army Purple Poppy Campaign by covering the cost of stamps and packing materials, meaning more of the funds raised benefit our worthy causes.  If your business would like to help please do get in touch.


Animals Who Served – Information Sheet 9

Remembering the animals of war  Murphy’s Army Purple Poppy Campaign Information Sheet 9 features PDSA Dickin Medal Winners Beach Comber, Gustav and Paddy – pigeons who served during the Second World War. 

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Animals Who Served – Information Sheet 8

Remembering the animals of war  Murphy’s Army Purple Poppy Campaign Information Sheet 8 features the Prison Dogs who serve us so dutifully today.  With special thanks to Isle of Man Prison Dog Section…

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Wearing their Murphy’s Army purple poppies with pride! Just some of the amazing pictures from our Purple Poppy Campaigns. Don’t forget to send us yours!


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