Wishing PD Stark congratulations on his Thin Blue Paw Award, and a very Happy Birthday – 4 today.

German Shepherd/Belgian  Malinois cross PD Stark serves with the West Midlands Police Dog Unit alongside handler   PC Paul Hopley. In December 2020 the pair were called to    allotments in the local area following reports of suspicious activity.  In the pitch dark PD Stark quickly located the offender and gave chase, but was then viciously attacked, struck over twenty times with a machete.

Despite this Stark held on until the offender was incapacitated and arrested and it was then that the full extent of his injuries became clear. Stark had been struck over twenty times with a machete and received emergency veterinary treatment for deep lacerations to his face.

Thankfully  PD Stark made a full recovery and returned to full duty just four weeks later. In September 2021 he received the Thin Blue Paw Outstanding Bravery award, for a serving Police dog who has shown  extraordinary  bravery in the line of duty, at the inaugural Thin Blue Paw Awards.

Happy Birthday PD Stark, and thank you for all you do to keep us safe.